Hyundai’s Robot-Heavy EV Factory in Singapore Is Fully Operational

hyundai car robot factory

200 robots are assembling vehicles in a new factory that Hyundai has just unveiled. Employees focus on more creative tasks. On the roof of the building, robots cultivate a garden.

To execute the repetitive and laborious tasks of car assembly in its pilot factory, Hyundai has deployed an army of 200 robots. They alone perform over 60% of the work, allowing employees time to concentrate on more creative and productive tasks. Announced on November 20, the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS) is a massive seven-story factory.

This pilot factory is located in Singapore and is now fully operational. Humans and robots collaborate through virtual and augmented reality. Employees can simulate tasks while robots move, inspect, and assemble various vehicle components. The HMGICS is expected to produce up to 30,000 electric vehicles per year and is currently focusing on the Ioniq 5 and its autonomous robot taxi version. By 2024, the factory will also produce the Ioniq 6. If the experience proves satisfactory, Hyundai will replicate it in its other factories.

A Farm on the Factory’s Roof

The plant's vegetable garden cultivated by robots
The plant’s vegetable garden cultivated by robots. Image: Hyundai

Surprisingly, the building is not only used for vehicle assembly. On its roof, there is a 600-meter test track and, more significantly, a “smart farm” that also has robot assistance. Nine types of crops are cultivated there. While the presence of this farm may seem unusual, it is part of a program led by the Singaporean government. In the region, only 1% of the land is suitable for agriculture due to rocky geology. Consequently, 90% of the food needs to be imported. This type of cultivation will enhance local self-sufficiency. For the government, the goal is to achieve a 30% yield by the end of the decade. Part of Hyundai’s agricultural production is intended for local communities and will be used to supply an internal restaurant in the building.