Majority in Austria in Favor of Private Jet Ban and Kerosene Tax

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A significant majority of people in Austria support a ban on private jets, according to a survey conducted by the market research institute Integral on behalf of Greenpeace, published on Tuesday. Approximately two-thirds (61 percent) of respondents express support for such a ban. A majority of 73 percent have a negative view of private flights.

The primary reason cited for rejecting private jets is their perceived unnecessary nature, given the existence of alternative modes of transportation. 78 percent of respondents selected this reason from a set of predefined options. For about two-thirds of the participants, the environmental impact on the climate and the environment was crucial to their negative stance. Private jets can cause up to 50 times more greenhouse gas emissions per passenger kilometer than train travel.

Support for a kerosene tax is even higher, with 79 percent advocating for the introduction of kerosene taxes similar to those on gasoline or diesel. Seventy percent believe that short-haul flights should not be allowed if there is a cost-effective train connection “within a reasonable travel time.” According to Greenpeace, nine percent of respondents have already taken private flights, including last-mile vacation flights, parachute jumps, and helicopter flights. The survey involved online interviews with 1,000 individuals aged 16 and above, selected to represent the Austrian population.

Private Jet Flights More Than Doubled

The number of private jet flights in Europe has more than doubled in recent years. Popular routes in Austria include short flight distances like Vienna to Salzburg, which are reachable by train in under two and a half hours.

Marc Dengler from Greenpeace commented on the survey results, stating, “The super-rich may soar through the skies carefree, but they significantly fuel the climate crisis. The people in Austria have recognized this and are calling for a ban on private jets.” Greenpeace is urging Transport Minister Leonore Gewessler (Green Party) to implement a nationwide ban on private jet flights. Gewessler, along with environmental ministers from France and the Netherlands, previously advocated for increased climate justice in private jet policies in a letter to the EU Commission in May.