Critically Endangered Sumatran Rhino Born in Indonesia

Sumatran Rhino Born in Indonesia

The birth of a calf from one of the rarest mammal species on Earth has occurred in an Indonesian National Park. A small Sumatran rhinoceros has entered the world in the Way Kambas National Park on the eastern side of the island of Sumatra. This male calf is the second rhino baby born in the park this year, according to the local Ministry of Environment.

As part of a conservation program in the park since 2012, a total of five rhinoceroses have been born. The mini-rhino was born on Saturday, 10 days earlier than the calculated due date, marking the 460th day of its mother’s pregnancy. It is yet to be named.

The parents of the calf are seven-year-old Delilah, born in the park itself, and the bull Harapan, born in the Cincinnati Zoo in the USA in 2007. He found a new home in Way Kambas in 2015. According to the ministry, no Sumatran rhinoceros has lived outside Indonesia since then.

This species is the smallest among the five existing rhinoceros species worldwide. Unlike other species, these animals have a hairy body, two horns, and a diverse range of vocalizations, including squeaks, buzzing, and snorting.

Sumatran rhinoceroses (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) were once widespread in Southeast Asia. Hunting and habitat destruction have reduced their population to an estimated 80 individuals today. The Sumatran Rhino Alliance notes on its website that this rhinoceros is so rare that few people have ever seen one in the wild.

The alliance includes entities such as the Indonesian government, WWF, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and the International Rhino Foundation.